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They both require a 10-year inspection and rebuild.
With the crane, it is mandatory and is required by Australian Law. Generally, the size and design of these cylinders allow for dismantling cleaning and resealing with the use and application of specialist tools, skills and techniques.

The Mercedes Benz convertible cylinder as with most other makes of convertible car, the internal seals in the clylinder eventually deteriorate and fail causing the roof to malfunction, and worst of allallowing the synthetic oil to leak out and stain the car’s roof trim and leather seats.

Car manufacturers will advise you that the cylinders are not repairable and must be replaced with a new unit this includes their associated high-pressure hoses.

Generally, this is not the case and Mobile HoseFixers & Hydraulics Gold Coast have successfully dismantled and resealed many of these cylinders at a fraction of the new replacement cost.

They have also remanufactured many high-pressure hoses for Astras, Saabs, VW, Audi and Mercedes Benz.