Turbo Head and Rotor Nozzle Driver, Drain Cleaning & Root Cutting

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Turbo Head and Rotor Nozzle Driver

Consists of Rotor Nozzle Driver & Rotor Nozzle (Turbo Head). The Turbo Driver has a zero degree nozzle which spins at 3000 RPM creating a cone which maximises the surface area it is able to clear. It produces enough cutting force to blast through roots & scale. The Stainless Steel Driver utilises 6 backwards facing jets to propel the turbo driver through the drain as well as clearing debris back away from the head.
The Turbo Head and Rotor Nozzle Driver create a perfect combination for drilling through blockages making it ideal for clearing drains of compacted dirt and roots and shredding tissue & fat deposits. The turbo head can also be removed from the driver and using for pressure cleaning.
Maximum Pressure 350 BAR

For more information on selecting the correct jetter nozzle please check out this article it provides

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