Stainless Braided Turbo Oil feed Hose 1m long 1/8 inch

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Compact 304 Stainless Steel Braided Hi Pressure and Temperature Hose with Teflon Inner Liner.

This listing is for a compact 1/8 inch (3 mm) internal diameter and 6.2 mm outside diameter, with a 304 Stainless Steel Braided outer cover and Teflon inner tube.

Comes complete with dash #4 (7/16 inch JIC) crimped on ends and a 7/16 male / female 90° elbow.

Ideal for high performance and hybrid ball bearing and bush turbos.

Rated for pressures up to 3250 PSI (220 bar) and temperatures from -70 to +260 °C.

Resistant to hot and cold, Oil, Water, Acids and most Chemicals.

Length can be custom made to your choice. Size & end options are in price box. If you would like a specific length made & crimped, please contact us on 07 55716155 or email us at with the overall length required. Always measure from end of the fitting on both ends ( OA ). Also available 45° & additional 90° adaptors in another listings.


High pressure service with petroleum base hydraulic fluids, water, Air, Water-glycol, water-oil, fire resistant hydraulic fluids, hot oil grease, lubricants, crude and fuel oils.

These hoses are widely used on heavy vehicles, buses & trucks for air compressors & also for Turbo charged vehicles. It is able to withstand almost any fluid & is especially suited to very low to very high temperature applications. Temperature -70˚C to +260˚C

Excellent chemical resistance, non-contamination properties make it suitable for potable (drinking water) applications with optional Stainless Steel fittings , low friction coefficient and resists deterioration. (High temperature steam line, hot air supply line, compressor and chemical fluid line, brake fluids (non-petroleum). Construction Inner tube: Polytetraflouroethylene (P.T.F.E) with single braid 304 series stainless steel wire.

Need another hose size, field fit reusable fittings couplers and or adaptors for your application?

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