Proportional Sectional valve 200Lpm

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Proportional Sectional valve

This is a single bank, manual control friction detented proportional valve. This valve is listed here more as an example of what can be offered. This particular customer was running a boring drill, & required a motor spool with a manual lever with 'friction' detent. He could push the lever to desired RPM, & it would stay there. This valve was run from a fixed displacement gear pump. This price is for just as described. Some pictures are just to show other options.

To tailor a package & price, we require the following information. Please call or email it through for a quote

  • Fixed displacement (gear pump) or a variable flow pump?
  • If variable flow is it load sense, pressure compensated?
  • What type of spool is required, Cylinder or Motor spool?
  • What flow rate per spool ( spools starting from 5 lpm up to 130 lpm )
  • Does the valve require manual levers or 12/24 volt electrically proportional coils
  • Do spools require Oil Pilot provision (ie Excavator Joy sticks)
  • Do spools require pressure compensation valves?

Manufactured by Youli (Taiwan)

The PV4 has a maximum inlet flow of 230 lpm and a maximum spool flow of 130 lpm.

Other features include:

  • maximum pressure of 350 bar
  • spools starting from 5 lpm up to 130 lpm
  • control choice of manual, friction detent, electrical, hydraulic & electrical proportional
  • electrical unload
  • load sense
  • pressure compensation on individual spools
  • Ports 3/4" bspp & 1/2" bspp
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