Prince RD5200 2 Spool Monoblock valve 100 Lt/m 3000psi

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PRINCE 2 SPOOL 100 Liter per min (25 GPM) RD522CCAA5A4B1 Hydraulic Flow Control Valve 9-6702.

This is a new PRINCE open center Hydraulic flow control valve for actuating double acting cylinders.

Made in the USA.
Valve body is a Monoblock design and is made from gray cast iron.
Spools are Hard chrome plated with Load Check Valves
The Load Check feature is standard on all Rd 5000 series valves each spool has a separate load check. The load check will prevent the fall of a cylinder as the spool is shifted it also prevents the backflow of oil from the work Port to the inlet. The pump must generate enough pressure to overcome the pressure on the work Port caused by the weight of the load before the cylinder can move.

Power beyond capability with the addition of Power beyond plug. (available separately at additional cost)


Open Center Design
Number of spools (2) two.
Flow rate 100 Lt/Min (25 GPM) max.
Pressure 200 bar (3000 PSI) max.
Pressure Relief Valve Factory set at 135 bar (2000 PSI)
Pressure relief is Adjustable 100 and 200 bar (1500-3000 PSI)
Pressure and tank Ports 3/4" NPT (Side Ports Only see attached drawings)
A and B Work Ports 1/2" NPT (Top Ports)
Mounting is by three holes drilled through the body
Size 242 x 190 x 83 mm
Spool Details:
Spool 1 Double acting spring return to center
Spool 2 Double acting spring return to center
Shipping weight 11 Kg

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