Overhung Load Adaptors for Gear Pumps/Motors. Bearing Mounts

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Overhung Load Adaptors for Gear Pumps/Motors (Bearing Mounts)

Overhung load adapters (Bearing Mounts) protect hydraulic pumps & motors from unforeseen axial and radial loads, and helps prolong the life of seals by maintaining precise shaft alignment and shielding shaft seals from hostile conditions. They allow the easy removal of pump/motor while leaving load attached to shaft.

Available for DIN mount Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 Hydraulic Gear Pumps & Motors.

Please note, you require a spline coupler from pump shaft to bearing mount. Some Group 2 pumps have 4mm key, some 3.165mm on shaft. Please select correct coupler.

Manufacturers Data Sheet available on request.

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