OUT OF STOCK, NEW STOCK AUG 2020 Kohler 20HP V Twin & Comet 4000PSI 20LPM Sewer Drain Cleaner Jetter Hose & Reel

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Like every other high pressure component or machine we sell, assemble or overhaul, we only use reliable quality products and parts sourced direct from the importers.
The main components in this unit are,
a 15.5 KW (20.5 HP) "Kohler" V Twin Cylinder engine with electric start from the USA,
a Professional Series "Comet" triple ceramic piston pump from Italy,
60 m of 1/4" ID drain cleaning extra tough Jetting Hose from Italy. (see options for alternatives)
all mounted on a custom Built Galavanised Steel Frame.

The Drain cleaning unit detailed below was recently made to order for one of our Customers.
If it is not exactly what you are looking for, call us on (07) 55631982 we are happy and capable of building and supplying units to your requirements. Please a llow for a 10 day design and build time.
We deliver Australia Wide.(eg Freight to Melbourne would be $260)
Details of what you will get are detailed below.
Kohler (USA) 15.5 KW (20.5 HP) 624cc V Twin Cylinder Petrol Engine.
  • Designed and built for Reliability and Long Life.
  • Air Cooled Twin Cylinder V Configuration with horizontal output shaft.
  • Electric starting with key.
  • Electronic ignition.
  • Full pressure Oil lubrication
  • Maintenance free hydraulic valve lifters.
  • Dual Oil Drains
  • Yellow oil fill cap & dipstick handle
  • Easy-access Oil fill/dipstick
  • High-performance spark plugs
  • 20 amp charging with regulator.
  • Low Oil level engine cut off
  • Large in-line fuel filter
  • Overhead valve (OHV) design
  • Hardened crankshaft journals
  • High-efficiency fan and screen
  • Larger dual-element air filter with foam pre-cleaner
  • Cast iron cylinder liners
  • Left or Right hand exit Exhaust and Muffler
  • Spin-on, full-flow oil filter
  • 330 CCA 12 Volt DC Starting Battery.
  • 11.3 Liter Fuel Tank. (for 4-5 hours continuous operation)
Comet (Italy) 3 Piston Pump (Professional Series).
  • Rated Pressure 270 Bar (4000 PSI)
  • Flow 21 Lt/Min flow at 1400 RPM.
  • Triple Ceramic Pistons.
  • Forged Brass Pressure Head
  • Adjustable Unloader Valve
  • 0- 10000 PSI Liquid filled Pressure Gauge.
  • Safety Valve
  • Supplied and Mounted to 2.2:1 reduction Gearbox.
Hose & Reel.
  • Size 1/4" ID Armourflex (USA) Green Jetting Hose with supper tough cover.
  • Length of hose 60 Meters.
  • Pressure rated to 340 Bar (5000 PSI)
  • Complete with 3 back 1 forward jetting nozzle.
  • all Mounted on Black Powder coated steel reel
  • complete with high pressure swivel and locking pin.
Custom Built Galvanised steel Frame
  • With four Inflatable rubber tiers
  • Designed for easy access and or adjustment of all units functions such as
  • Engine choke and throttle
  • Engine Oil dipstick
  • Engine Oil Filler Cap
  • Engine Oil filter and oil drain plugs.
  • Engine Air filter.
  • Pump Unloading valve
  • Pump Water Supply.
  • Fuel Filling.
Call us Now on (07) 5571 6155 or on 0431 022 452 to place your order and or to discuss your special requirements.
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