Multicode 8 Button Remote Control & Receiver, Tilt Tray Ready

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This sale is for an 8 button remote control unit. These are quality, weatherproof remote control units, suited for use on trucks or machinery. The remote receiving unit simply needs power, 12v or 24 volt. You receive a transmitter/receiver box, with a wiring loom plus the 8 button weatherproof remote unit. It comes with comprehensive instructions for fitting & setting up. Replacement remotes are available if ever run over. The remote has 60-metre range.

The receiver has the advantage of being easily customizable. Using basic 'dip' switches inside, you are able to 'latch' certain buttons to stay on until pressed off again etc.

It is recommended a 5 amp fuse be installed on power lead to the receiver. Mount receiver in dry area. Phone 07 55631982

RL 15.1.21
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