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Metal Forge Hydraulic Press Hammer Electric Motor + Hi Lo Splitter Pump

This is a ready to be wired up, 3 phase 7.5 Kw (10 Hp) electric motor, plus bell housing, shaft couplers & a cast iron hydraulic hi lo pump.

This set up will produce approximately 50 Lt/min giving fast up & down cycle times.

The cycle time will vary depending on the bore & stroke of the hydraulic ram you are using.

A few examples using 5" bore rams with a 12" stroke = 9 sec cycle (full down and up),

with an 18" stroke = 15 sec cycle (down / up). A 4" bore ram will be faster. The pump comes with a 1" suction tail & has a 1/2" bspt pressure port.

The pump is the highest possible LPM available for a 10 Hp motor.

It is a hi lo pump, which means it pumps high flow at low pressure, this is used when the cylinder is extending or retracting, but once your forge hits the job to press, it drops to low flow high pressure cycle to enable very high pressing forces with good control.

Again tonnage is dictated by the bore of your chosen ram.

As an indication, you will produce the following tonnages;

4" bore ram = 16 tonnes,

5" bore ram = 25 tonnes.

The larger the bore, the higher the tonnage.

However the larger bore needs more oil volume, resulting in slower cycle times.

This is a professional quality unit, made to perform & last.

We also stock Australian made hydraulic rams,

1 spool mono block valves to operate the up down function for your press.

Also available Oil tanks as well as fittings & either swaged to length hydraulic hoses, or hose with re usable fittings to allow all hoses to be made by yourself on site with minimal tools.

Please call us from the photo in listing for additional parts or larger / smaller units. We can supply 5Hp up to 20hp set ups.

## FREIGHT. This item weighs aprox 65 kg, so we will need your postcode to do a freight quote. Freight is not free. Pick up is available from the Gold Coast Qld.

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