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Hydraulic Tailgate Kit contains; a high quality DC Power Pack with Australian Made Double Acting Cylinders with 'Burst valves' plus a manual lever control valve + hose & fittings & adapters. This is a ready to fit package.

Powered by 12 or 24 Volt DC this compact Hydraulic Power Pack is ready to fit where you prefer to use a directional control lever(DCV) instead of a full electric control pendant style (see other listings). It is an ideal tail ramp power / control unit. The rams, hose & fittings are included.

This P & T powerpack is designed to supply an oil flow of 5 Lt/Min at a Pressure of 2500 PSI. The Directional Control Valve has a in built micro switch that automatically starts/ stops the powerpack when the lever is moved. The Directional Control Valves lever will spring back to centre automatically, thus stopping current to the powerpack, and also locking your ramps in place. This powerpack is well sized for most tail loaders. Double Acting + "Float" valve. This valve is the best option if you ever park on very soft muddy ground. Ramps will power both up & down, and will also 'hold' in centre lever position, but it also has a 4th extra lever position, so that when ramps are down, they are not locked. This is important if ramps are driven on in soft ground.

With other options , ramps are hydraulically locked, & a heavy machine in mud can actually bend Ram rods if ramps are not supported firmly.

These are designed for a standard ramp style set-up, if you have a larger or heavier loading ramp you may require one of our High-Powered DC Power Packs, extra $325. This package will lift the same tonnage as our higher KW power unit, however the bigger KW unit will move the ramps faster. Speed/Duty cycle of powerpack is the main difference.

We supply 6000 psi Two wire hose & field fit re usable hosetails. This means you are able to cut hose to length & install re usable hose tails using a vice & a spanner. We also supply two 'Safety Burst valves'. These are required by law, so that if an hose is ripped off, the ramps will not crash down.

What you will receive;

  • 12 V or 24 Volt P & T Powerpack with 3.8 lt tank. 20cm wide x 20cm high x 49cm long
  • One spool lever control valve with micro switch
  • 10 metres of 6000psi 2 wire hose
  • 16 Reusable Field fit hose tails
  • Adapters for rams, valve & powerpack.
  • Two burst valves for bottom ports only of rams

Two Australian made double acting 2.5" bore (6.5 tonnes each) Choose from;

  1. 18" Stroke Double Acting Cylinders - closed measurement 30.25" open measurement 48.25"
  2. 20" Stroke Double Acting Cylinders - closed measurement 32.25" open measurement 52.25"
  3. 22" Stroke Double Acting Cylinders - closed measurement 34.25" open measurement 56.25"
  4. 24" Stroke Double Acting Cylinders - closed measurement 36.25" open measurement 60.25"
  5. 26" Stroke Double Acting Cylinders - closed measurement 38.25" open measurement 64.25"
  6. 28" Stroke Double Acting Cylinders - closed measurement 40.25" open measurement 68.25"

Items required additionally; (NOT Supplied) Cable, wire for electric hook up. High amp welding cable is ideal from battery to powerpack. Contact us for custom length crimped hoses, or buy from our field fit re usable section.

Please keep in mind all DC powerpacks use a lot of amperage & create a lot of heat. The are designed only for intermittent use. See bottom of this page for an estimate of duty cycle.

# Intermittent use only !

e.g. Mini Cranes, Tail Gate Loaders, Ramps on trailers and low loaders Camper van or camper trailer leveling or any other hydraulic circuit requiring intermittent use, low flow and high pressure hydraulic oil.

This Unit is capable of generating up to 200 Bar (3000 PSI) Pressure at a reduced flow rate.

Pressure relief is set at 2500 psi as standard


Power Rating 12 Volt DC, 1.6 KW , or 24 Volts DC, 2.2 KW

  • Flow 5.0 liters Minute at 170 Bar (2500 PSI)
  • Max Pressure up to 200 BAR (3000 PSI at reduced flow)
  • Pressure relief valve Factory set at 170 BAR (2500 PSI)
  • Discharge Ports 9/16 UNO
  • 3.8 , 5.7 or 7.5 Liter capacity Oil tank with combination filler breather level plug and separate plug.
  • Larger tank capacities also available up to 38 Liters. (message for cost)
  • Can be mounted Horizontally as well as Vertically (Motor Up only)# If mounting Vertically you must contact us as the oil pick up needs to be changed ##
  • Safety thermistors installed in motor windings to prevent overheating.
  • Duty Cycle = 25% at Low Duty, low load and pressure (600 PSI) = 100Amps Draw,
  • Allowable run time 12.5 minutes and then allowed to totally cool down.

or 150 seconds ON - 400 seconds OFF.

  • Duty Cycle = 19% at Medium duty medium load and pressure (1600 PSI) = 160 Amps Draw
Allowable run time 7.5 minutes and then allowed to totally cool down.
or 150 seconds ON - 640 seconds OFF.

  • Duty Cycle = 7% 300 Amps High Duty High Load and pressure (3000 PSI) = 300 Amps Draw
Allowable run time 1.7 Minutes and then allowed to totally cool down
or 150 seconds ON and 2000 seconds OFF.

We also offer ‘Depot to Depot’ freight as a cheaper alternative for larger items. Please call or email for this freight option Please call us on 0755631982


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