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CETOP 5 Directional Hydraulic Flow Control Valve

This listing is for a high quality CETOP 5 Electric Solenoid Operated Directional valve with 12 V DC, 24 V DC or 240 V AC coils, LED DIN Plugs , with various optional functions.

There is the option to buy just the solenoid cetop on it's own, to retro fit to your existing manifold. There is an option for the Cetop valve with an aluminium manifold with either side entry ports, or bottom (rear entry ports), & also a manifold with a relief on Pressure port . This manifold has two ports underneath & two at the side.

There is also an option of a further flow control subplate to sandwich in between. Other subplate options are pressure reducing, pilot check, and also counter balance valves. Contact us for pricing.

They are solenoid operated and control the start, stop and direction of the oil flow in the hydraulic circuit.

.This is a brand new high quality valve, it is designed for hydraulic equipment and machinery such as Tilt Tray Trucks, Motor homes, Trailers campers, Cranes. Skip Bin Trucks, Front end Loaders, Backhoes or any application where you need to remotely control a hydraulic function to operate a motor or cylinder.

These valves are regularly used in hydraulic circuits to divert the flow of high pressure oil and are typically used to control the direction of hydraulic cylinders or motors. They can be used with a 'P & T' powerpack or existing set up.

The last photo/diagram illustrates different centre options. .
We also stock & supply a large range of Cetop 3 & Cetop 5 models, including various ported sub plates,counter balance subplates, pilot check sub plates, manifolds as well as up to 8 section sandwich valves.


Construction = Monoblock
Material of Construction = Steel
No of Spools = 1
Material of Construction = Case Hardened Steel
O-rings made of NBR (Buna-N®)
Max Flow Rate =80 liters/min (15 Gallons per Minute)
Max Working Pressure = 200 Bar (3000 PSI)
Spool Type = Cylinder Spool (Closed Centres), Open, Float and Tandem Centres also available at no extra cost,
Spool Movement = Electric Solenoid Coil with illuminated LED din plugs, Spring Return to Center.
Solenoid Coil Voltage 12 Vots DC 24 V DC and 240 V AC also available at no extra cost
Operating temperature range: -20 °C to + 80°C


Material of Construction = Aluminium

Ports Sizes 1/2" BSPP Side Port, Rear Ports also available.
Dimentions = L x W x H = 200 x 60 x 90 mm
Weight 4 KG

RR $ 16-01-2020


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