Electromagnetic clutches are an easy way to engage or disengage a mechanical device such as a pump or fan and transmit or produce a force or a flow.

Put simply, Electromagnetic clutches can disconnect and connect power without stopping the power device driving them.

This is ideal if you want to run a hydraulic pump or motor from a constantly rotating Diesel or Gas engine by adding the clutch to the front accessory drive system or from an auxiliary output shaft.

For example, a Fishing Trawler may require a hydraulic pump drive or an alternative to a gearbox mounted PTO in small tow trucks.

Clutches are relatively easy to install and incorporate into an existing drive system, they will need some additional support bracketry as well as a longer drive belt. The supply and control of DC voltage through a fused switch.

The clutch is available in various torque transmission capabilities and will drive a hydraulic pump or other pumps such as an AC or Air compressor.