ELECTRIC PUMPS 10,000PSI 700BAR One & Two stage pumps

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240 volt ELECTRIC PUMP 700BAR/10,000psi SINGLE OR DOUBLE ACTING, One & Two stage pumps

These electric high pressure powerpacks are useful with 700 bar rams. Other applications are turning your shop press into electric etc. Please read descriptions in below photo. S/A is single acting,(one hose only) where a spring returns ram to closed position. D/A double acting is for uses with two hoses, where you need to power open & closed.


• 1/2 HP (0.45kw) brushless motor
• 3m pendant supplied with all models
• Thermal protected induction motor
• Starts under full load
• Internal relief valves all set at 700 bar (10,000 psi) for full
circuit protection
• Aluminium reservoirs on all models

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