BSP Plug & Cap Kit 52 Pc Strong Case +DOWTY WASHER

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BSP Hydraulic Plugs & Caps are an essential maintenance item when working on Hydraulic equipment.

This is a comprehensive maintenance kit of BSP Plugs, Caps and O Rings.

These Plugs and Caps come as a Kit in an Impact resistant plastic case with Bonus spare Dowty washers and Microfibre Towel.

Using BSP plugs and caps after removing hoses ensures that no oil leaks onto the ground or into the machine they also help to prevent harmful contaminants such as dirt, dust, rainwater, sand from entering your machine's sensitive hydraulic components such as Pumps Motors, Valves and Cylinders.

We have assembled this kit, based on our years of experience working on removing and replacing hydraulic components, Hoses and Pipes on Heavy Equipment, Earth Moving machinery, Marine Vessels, Agricultural equipment, Mobile Plant, Trucks & Drill Rigs.

We are confident that this kit is both economical and realistic in the number of plugs and caps required.

All the Plugs, Caps and O rings are packed neatly in a labelled durable oil-resistant plastic case.

Description and Quantities

Material of Construction = Zinc Plated Cold Drawn Steel

Dowty washers

1 x Plastic Impact and Oil Resistant Plastic Parts Case.

One Male Plug & One Female Cap = One Pair

BSPP Caps, BSPT Plugs , Dowty washers

4 pairs 1/8”, or -02 --- ZERO

6 pairs ¼”, or -04 --- 4 X ¼”

6 pairs 3/8” or -06 --- 4 X 3/8”

6 Pairs ½” or -08 --- 4 X ½”

4 Pairs ¾” or -12 --- 4 X ¾”

2 Pairs 1” or -16 ---2 X 1”

1 x Microfiber Cloth

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