4FFN New Style Bobcat Female Dry-Break Flat-Face Coupler

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This male coupler is a direct replacement cartridge for Bobcat equipment fitted with a standard 4BD4FH Skid Steer Manifold

Fully interchangeable and connectable with all other flat face couplers manufactured to ISO 16028

This range of couplers was designed to allow for the quick “dry break” changeover of hydraulic attachments such as Buckets, Augers, Trenchers, Grapples, Brooms, Slashers, Sweepers, and even Snow Blowers.

If you have a Bobcat Skid Steer Loader, Track Loader, Compact loader or Excavator, then chances are your machine is fitted with these couplers and some day they will require replacement.

Current list prices from as of June 2020

$192.47 for the Male and $396.99 for the Female

Save your back and prevent blisters get yourself a set of spares because if you knock and damage one of these then you and your machine are out of action (unless you like to using a spade or shovel)


  • Faster, Part Number KIT4FSH08F
  • Description “Kit Coupler”
  • Please note this coupler cartridge is for the “NEW STYLE” 4BD4FH Manifold
  • These couplers have an external Metric Thread measuring Ø 48mm with a 1.5 mm pitch (approx. Ø 1 57/64” with 17 T.P.I )
  • The male end has a diameter of 24.5 mm
  • It is also identified by its two (2) O Rings (one Black and one Blue) and No White Backing rings.
  • Maximum Working Pressure 350 Bar (5145 PSI)
  • Nominal Size, Dash 08, 12.5 mm, ½”
  • Rated Flow Rate up to 110 Lt / Min (27.5 Gallons / Min)
  • Virtually Dry Break on Disconnect (less than 0.01ml)
  • Connect under pressure? Yes
  • Force required to connect 210 N (21 KG) (47 pounds)
  • Minimum Burst pressure 1400 Bar (20500 PSI)
  • Operating temperature -40 Degrees Celsius to +105 Degrees Celsius
  • Female coupler has lockable collar to prevent accidental disconnection
  • DNP PLT4, Stucchi FIRG/A Series, Faster 2FFI , Hansen QA, Ryco R110-06/08, Safeway FF49, Aeroquip FD89/FD49

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