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Mobile Hose Fixers and Hydraulics work closely with many of the Gold Coast’s marinas and marine related businesses, be it fishery, recreation or tourism.


Recent projects include

    •  Trawler winch speed control and bypass systems

    • Stabiliser systems for cruisers and super yachts

    • Barge hydraulic propulsion, steering and tilt and lift systems

    • Barge screw piling and pontoon installation.

    • Canal Dredges, hydraulics are used to control the speed and directional of winches and the cutting head depth and speed

    • Complete hydraulic hose refits, to marine cranes and davits using synthetic hoses and stainless steel fittings.  

    • Diesel Fuel Distribution, Filtration and Water Separators for engines 40 to 1300 HP

    • Diesel Fuel transfer hoses, Dual tank balance hoses and Fuel tank shut off valves. 

    • Power Steering systems, auto pilots, steering bypass systems for survey, steering cylinder rebuilds and reseals. 

    • Engine and Transmission oil coolers and remote mount oil filtration systems.

    • High temperature Turbo oil feed and drain lines

Travel Lifts and Sea Lifts

The Travel lift is a modern and specialised crane used to lift vessels (suspended from strong slings) safely from the water without having to rely on the antiquated adjustable cradle and inclined slip. The travel lift is completely hydraulically operated.  From the steering, drives and lift winches, it can almost turning in its own length and can quickly pick up a vessel from the water and set it down on stands or cradles for repairs and maintenance.

The Sea Lift is a specialised hydraulically operated machine designed to lift wide multi-hulled vessels from the water.  It does this by driving down a ramp into the water positioning itself under the multi-hull and then leveling and slowly lifting the multi-hull from the water and then driving up the ramp and placing the multi-hull on stands.

MHF Truck & Boat

Essential Marine Systems

Sun, heat, humidity and sea water all take a toll on a Vessels hydraulic systems, Regular Inspection and Maintenance of all critical components are mandatory to ensure that in any situation a hydraulic system will operate and function as expected.  Hydraulic Systems include bow and stern thrusters, Anchor winches, Steering Systems, Swim platforms, Davits, Fuel and oil cooling systems and even high pressure sea water desalination equipment.

Removal of Marine Growth

Vessels that spend the majority of their life on the sea or tied to a mooring must periodically be removed from the water and the hull’s slime, weed and barnacle growth cleaned and or removed with the application of High pressure water blasting through durable high pressure and abrasion resistant hoses.

Specialised Recreational Boat Lift Vehicles

Some Gold Coast marinas have multi story on site Storage facilities for vessels up to 30 feet long.  The owner of the vessel calls up and books a time that they want their vessel in the water.  A specially designed heavy duty forklift is used for this purpose. Not only can it lift heavy loads high up into a storage space but it can also lower the boat down below jetty  level into the water irrespective of tide / water levels  

Amphibious Vehicles

Mobile Hose Fixers and Hydraulics services numerous Amphibious vehicles used in the Gold Coast tourist industry.  With some designs utilising complex hydraulic drives to turn Jet Drive Units or Marine Propellers whilst the vessels are in the water. 


Canal Dredging and Wall Maintenance,  Marine Salvage and Fresh Water Weed Control.

The Gold Coast has many canals all are affected to some degree by tide, wind, waves, flood and time. We work closely with a number of dredging, piling and canal maintenance companies providing support for winches, dredge motors, hammers, Auger drives, propulsion systems and excavating machinery.

Control Fresh water weed Harvesters are also hydraulically operated.  They use paddle drives and stainless steel cutters and conveyors to clear the Gold Coast’s Canals and lakes from choking weed growth.

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