Dedicated Repair Centre On The Gold Coast For All Hydraulic Cylinders

If you’ve got a hydraulic cylinder on site that needs servicing, repairing or stripping & resealing, we’re the team to complete this for you.

Almost Two Decades Of Reconditioning Hydraulic Cylinders

We are a team of highly skilled professionals who’ve developed a comprehensive and efficient process for repairing hydraulic cylinders of various sizes and types ensuring that they are restored to optimal working condition.

Our extensive knowledge has allowed us to near-perfect our process and provide high-quality strip and reseal services for hydraulic cylinders on all machinery.

VIP Experience and Agreed Turnarounds

Our workshop is located in Nerang (just off the Nerang Connection Road), where our team is committed to making your repairs detailed, complete, reliable, and as effortless for you and your team as possible.

We have a great reputation for delivering jobs with the highest attention to detail. Our workshop is fully equipped with the necessary tools to repair hydraulic cylinders of all sizes.

Give us a call in advance to discuss your situation and how we can help to get this done for you.

We'll Get Your Worksite Back to Maximum Efficiency ASAP.

Upon receipt of key details, our team will promptly provide you with a comprehensive pricing estimate for your hydraulic cylinder’s repair.

We understand the importance of timely project planning, and we are dedicated to providing you with accurate quotes and projected timelines so you can manage and adjust work on your end to keep your project moving forward while we get the machinery up and running again.

Qualified Repairers With Hands-On Experience to Match

We have a team of qualified technicians with extensive practical experience to meet your repair needs. Our team has a wealth of experience with:

You are encouraged to contact us and outline your situation. Let our team help diagnose the problem, find a solution, and provide a likely time frame for repairs.

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Engaging Us To Repair Your Machine’s Hydraulics Also Means...

If We Don't Have The Part You Need in Stock, We'll Source it Quickly or Make it For You.

Need to Order a Part?

Receive a Detailed Quote in Advance. Please Answer The Questions Below:

What type of mounts are at each end of the cylinder?

Need Assistance With Organising a Quote?
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Work With Industry Professionals

Recent and past clients have submitted their thoughts on working with us on Google. Positive reviews and word of mouth across all industries that use hydraulics, continue to fuel and grow our business.

Take a moment to read some of these comments:

A Damaged Seal Shouldn't Slow Your Operations Down Indefinitely

A damaged or worn seal is the most common reason hydraulics start to malfunction. This can include:

Your machine might be one of a kind, or one of a few under your management, however we’re confident we’ve seen it before and repaired several of the same hydraulic units. If you need a quote, service, or a full strip and reseal contact us today to start the process.

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