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This week’s project was to retrofit our DIY Radio Remote Control Hydraulic Kit to an older model Isuzu Tilt Tray Truck used for Towing, Transport, and Vehicle Recovery.

This DIY kit will Greatly Increase Operator Safety and to also increase efficiency by 20% during loading and unloading procedures.

Want one of these DIY KITS and are in Australia?

If your tilt tray Truck does not create air pressure, there are 2 options. 1. The best and most cost-effective method is you can purchase and install a small 12 or 24-volt DC air compressor (with a 100 or 125 PSI pressure switch) complete with a small air receiver tank. A lot of the 4×4 guys do this for their airbag suspension, locker diffs, winches and big tyres.

Or 2. We can help source electric solenoid actuators for the hydraulic valve but these are usually more expensive and not so readily available.

Read below and watch the video to see how we did it.

The 5 spool Italian made Galtec Valve has had 3 spools partially dismantled and fitted with aftermarket Pneumatic actuators. So what are Pneumatic Actuators?

They are like a piston and connecting rod in a barrel bore that is moved by compressed air.

Want one of these and are in Australia?

One of the truck’s compressed air tanks was fitted with an additional outlet to feed an air filter, pressure regulator, and lubricator. So what is a an air filter, pressure regulator and lubricator. Its like 2 clear plastic tubes with a mechanism on to the first mechanism takes high pressure compressed air and reduces it to whatever pressure you require.

Pressure is adjusted by turning a plastic knob on top of the mechanism.

There is also a fine filter inside the clear plastic tube that the air must pass through and so dust moisture and particles are trapped inside the tube.

The Lubricator is the next clear plastic tube that is filled with clean lubricating oil.

As the clean passes through the lubricator’s mechanism oil is picked up and travels with the air to the actuator.

The oil amount can added to the compressed air by the lubricator can also be adjusted as well.

The outlet of this air pressure regulator then feeds 3 double-acting 24 Volt DC air solenoid valves that are electrically actuated by the relays in the remote control receiver.

When a button is pressed on the remote control Transmitter, the receiver recognizes the signal and energizes the corresponding relay and compressed air is directed by one of the air solenoids into the desired pneumatic actuator fitted to the hydraulic spools.

Thus the hydraulic flow control valve is remotely actuated without the operator having to touch the valve handle or even be close by as The Range of this Radio Remote Control Unit is up to 150 meters (480 feet).

so the Transmitter button functions are as follows

1 = Winch Wind In 2 = Winch Wind Out 3 = Tray Slide In 4 = Tray Slide Out 5 = Tray Tilt Up 6 = Tray Tilt Down.