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Our 92-piece Hydraulic JIC Plugs and Caps Kit is essential for high-pressure fuel and fluid power applications for pressures up to 10,000 PSI. It is true must-have when carrying out hydraulic repairs to marine vessels, earthmovers, tow trucks, tippers, tilt trays and drill rigs.

We noticed that people who purchased similar products on Amazon loved the kit but complained about a broken case and the individual pieces scattered or missing, So, we decided to have this kit specifically created for us. We check and test every product we sell but our customers are the best testers. When they send us feedback, we listen/ pay attention.

What makes our product superior?

  • a stronger, sturdier, more durable box
  • additional items make this kit more functional 
  • you can organise the items the way you want to keep them handy
  • a little more reasonable quantities of items that we feel are useful, and we have reduced the quantities of items we feel are not as useful to make the kit more economical
  • bonus O rings and microfiber cloth
  • a quick and easy way to prevent oil leaking into your pickup truck, your Ute, or the trunk of your car.

The extra bits and pieces, starting at the first compartment are:

  • 7/16 JIC males and females 
  • ½  JIC males and females 
  • 9/16 JIC males and females
  • 3/4 JIC males and females 
  • 7/8 JIC males and females,
  • 1-1/16″ JIC males and females 
  • and 1-5/16 JIC males and females.

We have also added Nitrile O rings which gives the JIC Plugs and Caps Kit just a bit better versatility. Add them to the shoulder of the male plug to create an UNO port plug – or a low-pressure port plug, O rings are also used for scuba diving first stage regulators and save-a-dive kits. 

Why is this plugs and caps kit a must-have and what does it do?

You can use Hydraulic Plugs and Caps Kit to protect the hydraulic hoses from dirt and water, stop oil leaks during maintenance or repairs, and for other purposes.

Identify the thread that you have on your hose fitting or the threads that you might have in your valves and adapters, cylinders, or your flow dividers. 

This kit works for hydraulic hose sizes and hydraulic fittings ranging from 1/4 inch inside diameter to 3/8-inch, ½-inch, 5/8-inch, 3/4 ID – all the way up to 1-inch ID.  A wide range of sizes from 1/4-inch to 1-inch will cover every size you need.

Prevent oil leaks when disconnecting and removing hydraulic hoses and pipes from a machine.

If you are working on an excavator or a piece of machinery that has blown a hose or has some form of a hydraulic oil leak, the first thing to do after you have disconnected your hose is to protect the valve from contamination. 

If this valve is an open centre – that is, in the middle position – it is open to the pressure port and the tank port. And If the tank is higher, you will have oil oozing out everywhere and start losing oil. Putting a cap on the valve prevents oil leaks so you can attend to repairs without worrying about losing a full whole tank of oil.

You also need to plug the hose end to stop oil leaking out of the hose. 

If you ever had to remove the tank return line on any equipment you know that as soon as you take tank return line off, it is going to start oozing oil out quite quickly.  A 3/4″ JIC plug or other plug with the correct size when screwed on the hose will prevent oil leaking out from the tank immediately.

You need to put a cap on the valve as well, and if you need to remove this valve to fix a problem you are working on, simply disconnect all your hoses, put plugs on all your hoses and caps on all the adapters.

A quick and easy way to prevent oil leaking into your pickup truck, your Ute, or the trunk of your car.

Protect hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and cylinders.

Preventing contaminants such as dirt, dust, and rainwater from entering your machine’s sensitive pumps, motors, valves, and cylinders is crucial to their performance. When hydraulic fluids are contaminated, their basic functions – power generation, lubrication, sealing, and cooling of system components – are impaired. 

The cups and plugs are useful when taking the valves or other parts off and putting them into storage, especially for a long time like a few months in winter. The cups will protect them from foreign contamination – water, snow, dirt, or dust, and keep them clean. 

You will find the plugs and caps quite useful when you disconnected a hose from a cylinder, too. The caps and plug will protect both the hose and the cylinder from contamination (and prevent the oil leaking).

Create low-pressure port plugs using O rings

If for whatever reason you had broken an adapter on your cylinder, you need to protect the internals of the cylinder from contamination and to prevent oil from leaking out. 

It is an easy job if you have the Hydraulic Plugs and Caps Kit. Simply remove the broken piece, grab your O Ring, put it on the shoulder of the male plug – and once it goes into the port, your cylinder is protected from contamination. 

You have also created a low-pressure port plug that will not take high pressure because the shoulder is not that big.  

JIC Plugs and Caps Kit will not only keep your equipment and hoses clean but will also save you time, money, and frustration. It is affordable, practical, and easy to use. After using it a few times you will grab the right size without even checking it – it will just feel right!

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