Expert Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Service - Complete Strip and Reseal

Get Your Hydraulic Cylinder Repaired By a Professional Team Who Service Them Exclusively! Avoid Another DIY Disaster (There’s better ways to spend your time).

Experienced Team With 50+ Years Combined Knowledge

Special machinery is best matched with a specialist repairer. Our team in Nerang on the Gold Coast have developed a 44 step process to strip, repair and reseal a hydraulic cylinder. If you have that feeling that your machine’s hydraulics are only going to get worse, hand the problem over to us, and we’ll hand you back a shiny, like-new fully reconditioned cylinder.

Our team has worked on various types of:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Automotive vehicles 
  • Marine equipment 
  • Fishing vessels with hydraulic and pneumatic circuits 
  • Drilling rigs. 
  • Mobile construction equipment


We have the necessary tools, required setup, and extensive experience servicing, stripping and resealing hydraulic cylinders of all sizes.

Located in Nerang on the Gold Coast

Our workshop is located in Nerang, just off the Nerang Connection Road.

We’ve been in business here for 17 years, and will be here in another 17. Our good reputation is appreciated and it comes simply from focusing on every individual job, delivering a higher quality strip and reseal than the owner thought possible.

If you’re as serious as us and want only the highest attention to detail, drop your hydraulic cylinder into our work shop at 30 Palings Ct, Nerang QLD 4211.

If there’s a question you need answered first, call us during business hours on (07) 5571 6155 before dropping in.

Reduce Down Time & Knock Off ON Time!

There’s a few ways to spend your Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, so many things we’d like to be doing on the weekend. Being stuck on site because the heavy machinery is out of action (despite your best efforts) is not one of the good options.

You can fix most things on-site to get things moving again, but we know hydraulic cylinders need some specialised tools and jigs – and we’ve got a workshop FULL of them. We’re here to get your job back on track asap. Don’t let the job site slow down when hydraulics stop working.

Don't Hire The Butcher When You Need a Surgeon.

When you’re talking about expensive machines, it pays to get the right people to service them right the first time.

Likely, over the years you’ve had to get different machines “fixed” a second and third time in some situations. We assure you that won’t happen with us.

You’re getting:

Can We Make It Sweet For You?

We’d like to sweeten the deal a little for you. It’s probably been a tough day and or week with things breaking and going wrong. So we’d like to not only strip and reseal your hydraulic cylinder but also:

Looking for that One Part That's Hard to Find?

If you’ve been asking every spare parts dealer and repairer you meet if they stock a certain part that works with your hydraulics but you can’t find it (like that one mate when it’s his turn to buy), be sure to ask us. If we don’t stock it, we’ll get it. If we can’t get it, we’ll likely manufacture it. We live and breathe hydraulics every day.

Like To Know What You're Getting Into Before Committing?

We get it. To get an approximate quote please take a few minutes to answer the questions below, we’ll then contact you with the quote.

What type of mounts are at each end of the cylinder?

Need Some Help Answering the Questions Above? No problem...

No problem. To get a detailed quote you can either call us on (07) 5571 6155, submit your details below or drop in if you’re local or passing by 30 Palings Ct, Nerang QLD 4211.

Trusted and Recommended By Loads of Heavy Vehicle Mechanics in QLD

It’s easy for us to recommend ourselves, but it’s impossible to control what Tom, Dick & Harry might write about us on Google, luckily it’s all good. Read a handful of them below:

Here's One More Thing You Don't Have To Put Up With

Heavy machinery that’s no longer pulling, pushing or lifting its weight is one more thing you no longer have to put up with (it’s always better to sort a problem out quickly rather than let it linger).

Don’t settle for output performance you know isn’t right. If you’re machine has any of the symptoms below, call us:

Contact us, tell us what it is, and we’ll tell you how we’ll fix it. We’ve seen and solved them all.

Contact us below or give us a call on (07) 5571 6155


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