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Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

With a complete inspection service for Hydraulic Cylinders including Repair, testing and reconditioning as well as the supplying of all replacement parts or complete original and genuine replacement units that meet all the performance specification of all of today’s industrial machinery manufacturers. Our highly experienced and qualified technicians offer superior solutions to any hydraulic cylinder problems to reduce your down time and get you operational again as quickly as possible.

With the latest repair and testing facilities staffed with highly trained operatives using the most stringent testing procedure can help with:

  • Inspections

Cylinder inspections to meet all regulatory and manufacturer’s classifications as well as making all the required maintenance checks as necessary

  • Testing

Industry standard disassembly, testing and assembly methods including high flow, pressure and capacity cylinders

  • Repair

The total repair, rebuilding or reconditioning of all types of hydraulic cylinders from the construction industry, agricultural sector, farming, marine, refuse, land, forestry and other industries

  • Safety and Performance

Routine testing of all types of hydraulic cylinders for safety and performance

  • Mobile Service

We provide a complete in house or mobile service for all your hydraulic cylinder repair needs, we can arrange to remove repair and reinstall the faulty units or they can be sent to our workshop as required for service and testing