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Field Fit Hydraulic Hose fittings are a two (2) piece design that screw On To and In To a Hydraulic Hose using only basic hand tools and following a certain sequence, when fully assembled the connection is rated to work safely up to the full pressure rating of the hose.

Field Fit Reusable Hydraulic Hose Fittings are designed to repair leaking Hydraulic Hoses or to be used in new Hydraulic Hose assemblies, Field Fit Reusable Fittings only need basic hand tools for assembly no expensive equipment is required. 

To quickly repair or replace a leaking hydraulic hose you will require some basic mechanical knowledge, you should have access to simple hand tools and be capable and responsible enough to safely find and remove the damaged or leaking Hydraulic Hose. 

Below is a visual explanation of the Hose Assembly Process.
More details follow below this diagram. 

CAREFULLY look for and find the leak from the damaged hose. 
(Do Not use your hands if the machine is running, use a ruler or piece of cardboard, also wear neoprene gloves and safety glasses)

Once you have found the Leaking hose and removed it from the machine
 You will require the following five (5) things
1. A handful of D.I.Y Reusable Hose Fittings  
(The best way to identify the thread on a hydraulic hose fitting is to download a mobile phone app there are a few apps available from Parker, Ryco, and Taipan. 

Here is the link to  Ryco Thread ID Mate

2. Hydraulic Hose cut to the correct length
(see below on how to cut Hydraulic Hose)

3. Basic hand tools Spanners and Wrenches 
(Imperial Sizes spanners are preferred but metric ones will also do the job)   

4. An angle grinder with thin cut off wheel to cut the hose (or a Drop Saw that Cuts Steel)(Disclaimer, Hydraulic Hose is Reinforced with many fine high tensile steel wires, Be Warned! carefully handle the Cut Hose Ends and any damaged hose as the fine steel wires will easily penetrate your skin causing you Pain and Loss of Blood! 

In an emergency you can cut the hose using a hacksaw with a fine-tooth blade, (32 teeth per inch or more might just do it), but the cut will not be clean or tidy and may cause some assembly difficulties, also the blade or blades used will be useless afterwards) 

5. A Vise (with soft jaws if you have them) mounted to a solid bench or other heavy object. 
A vise is preferable but is not essential, but it will allow you to make your Hydraulic Hose assembly much faster and easier.  

Before you start we suggest you watch this informative 12 minute video to get an idea what is required to complete a Do It Yourself D.I.Y Hydraulic Hose Repair and or Assembly using Reusable Field Fit Hydraulic Hose Fittings.

Click here to watch our 12 minute YouTube D.I.Y hose assembly Video.
or click the arrow on the YouTube picture below  

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