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90 ° Hydraulic Adaptors are important and frequently used components in hydraulics, they are a compact high-pressure fitting designed to change the direction of oil flow and to allow hydraulic hose fittings and pipes to more simply and or easily connect to Valves, Motors, Pumps and Cylinders.

UNO x  JIC Elbow 90° Adapters Male x Male

Most Adaptor designs use some form of flexible Seal to prevent oil leaks and generally, this seal is made from a synthetic rubber compound such as SIlicon, Neoprene, Nitrile or the more exotic chemical and high-temperature resistant Viton.

O Rings are a very important component in the hydraulic industry. And it is quite interesting to note that a failed or damaged O ring that cost much less than $1 can bring an entire multimillion $ machine to a standstill.

RS PRO Nitrile Rubber O-Ring, 39.5mm Bore , 45.5mm O.D | RS Components

They are manufactured to many different metric and Imperial sizes and are generally selected using four important specifications. 1. Material of Construction, 2. Hardness (usually 90 Duro for medium to high-pressure Hydraulics), 3. Inside Diameter 4. Cross-Sectional Thickness.