We've Got Ya Covered For High Pressure Hose Repairs and Replacements

Got a hose that’s giving you grief? Swing by our Nerang Service Center or we’ll dispatch a hydraulic hose whiz to you. Detailed and Professional Repairs (or Replacements) for All Your Hydraulic Hose Woes.

Your Local, Gold Coast Experienced Repairer of Hydraulic Hoses

If you’re having trouble with a hose that’s frayed, leaking, or just needs replacing, we’re here on the Gold Coast and can either repair or replace your hoses as needed.

Leaking hoses can be an absolute nightmare on-site with the environment brigade checking in, causing environmental and health and safety concerns. If you need to keep your soil and machinery spick and span just give us a bell, tell us the problem and we can send one of our team to sort it out if needed or just drop in with your new hose and say g’day.

Our business has been repairing high pressure hoses for a whopping 17 years – and we sell brand new hoses too. We know hoses. Give us a call and let us show off our knowledge.

Drop Off Your Pressure Hose For a Facelift

Give us a hoy or if you’re local you can drop in with your hose so we can take a squiz at it. We’ll assess the damage and give you the lowdown on the repair costs or replacement cost if it’s truly cactus buggered, beyond repair???. The final call will be yours.

Find us at 30 Palings Ct, Nerang QLD 4211 – just off the Nerang Connection Road.

If you’ve got a question or two beforehand, no worries! Just TAP the button below or give us a call on (07) 5571 6155.

Leak-Free, Full Pressure and Packing a Punch

When your hose shows wear and tear, squeezing in one more project can lead to a slippery mess. Avoid an oil fountain fiasco by letting us replace or repair that hose before it goes rogue.

Job sites and DIYs have enough surprises; don’t invite a leaky hose to the party. With our help, tackle tasks confidently and leak-free. Let us sort out your hoses today, so you can get back to workin’ like a legend.

Hydraulic Hoses From Gold Coast to Perth

If we were to connect all the hoses we’ve repaired and replaced end-to-end, we might not quite stretch from our humble Nerang workshop to the bustling city of Perth. But hey, it would still be an awe-inspiring display!

The bottom line is that we’ve mended and rejuvenated kilometres upon kilometres of hoses over the better part of two decades. So, while we may not be spanning the Australian continent just yet, we’re pretty darn proud of our hydraulic hose legacy.

Is it time to order a new hydraulic hose? CLICK HERE to order. Got a question? Email us below or give us a bell on (07) 5571 6155

Quality Guarantees On All Hoses

If we fix your hose you’re covered by a strong guarantee. We don’t mess around when it comes to hydraulic hoses.

Our hoses come with:

We Can Hook You Up With ANY New Hose Or Part

We Understand How Frustrating it Can Be When Your Job Gets Held Up Because of a Dodgy Hose.

That’s why we’re here to assure you that you’re working with a qualified and well experienced local business that’s been around the block a few times.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a squiz at some of our 45 FIVE STAR reviews from our happy customers below. They’ll tell you everything you need to know about the quality of our work and the level of service we provide.

Don't Let a Leaking Hose Be A Spanner in The Works

Heavy-duty machinery was designed to make life a breeze, right?

When they’re operating smoothly, they’re a game changer. But when something goes awry, like a leaking hose, it can bring your project to a grinding halt. And let’s face it, that’s a bummer for everyone. We understand.

If your hose is:

We’d be thrilled to swoop in and save the day by fixing your hose. However, if it’s beyond repair, we’ll be honest and upfront about it, explaining the reasons why. Rest assured, we won’t just throw in the towel and send you off to seek help elsewhere.

And if a new hose is what you need, no worries, we’ve got your back. We sell and can acquire any hose your heart (or machinery) desires.

Contact us below or give us a call on (07) 5571 6155


Got a question about your hydraulic hose and want us to call you back? Just submit your details below and we’ll call you back within 1 business day.

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