High Pressure Hose Repairs and Replacements

Bring Your Hose To Our Nerang Service Centre or We’ll Send a Hydraulic Hose Tech To You. Detailed and Professional Repairs (or Replacements) of All Hydraulic Hoses.

Gold Coast's Most Experienced Repairer of Hydraulic Hoses

For frayed, leaking, or worn-out hoses, we’re your Gold Coast solution, offering repair or replacement as needed.

Leaking hoses are a safety and environmental hazard that worsens daily. To maintain clean soil and machinery, simply contact us, describe the issue, and we’ll either send an expert or have you drop by.

With 17+ years in high-pressure hose repair and sales, we’re hose connoisseurs. Questions? Just ask!

Dropping Off Your Pressure Hose For Repair

Call ahead or simply drop by with your hose for assessment. We’ll provide repair and/or replacement costs for your consideration – the choice is yours.

Find us at 30 Palings Ct, Nerang QLD 4211, just off Nerang Connection Road.

For inquiries, tap the button below or call us at (07) 5571 6155.

Leak Free, Full Pressure and Jobs Getting Done

When hoses begin to fray, it’s tempting to push for one more job. However, a site inspection revealing leaked oil can create greater issues than simply replacing or repairing the hose in question.

Job sites already face numerous challenges. Regain confidence and work efficiently with full pressure and power, eliminating the risk of leaks.

Hydraulic Hoses From Gold Coast to Perth

Lining up the hoses we’ve repaired and replaced might not stretch from our Nerang workshop to Perth, but it would still be a remarkable sight.

Over our 17-year history in Nerang, we’ve expertly repaired kilometers of hoses, a testament to our dedication and skill.

Quality Guarantees On All Hoses

When working with us you’re covered by a genuine guarantee that assures you the repair work we complete and the new hoses we sell are premium quality.

Our hoses come with:

Need To Order a New Hose Or New Part?

Assurance With 45 *FIVE STAR* Reviews

We know you can’t have your job grind to a halt because of a delay with one hose. Rest assured you’re working with a long established local business who not only sells and repairs hoses and other hydraulic equipment, but we manufactures it too.

Read some of our reviews from happy clients below:

Don't Let a Leaking Hose Let You Down

Heavy-duty machinery exists to make life easier, and when it works, it works well. But if hydraulic issues arise due to a leaking hose, the resulting delay can have lasting consequences.

If your hose is:

We’d be pleased to fix it for you. If repair isn’t an option, we’ll explain why and provide a cost comparison. You won’t be sent elsewhere—we sell and can source any necessary hose.

Contact us below or call (07) 5571 6155 to learn more.


Got a question about your hydraulic hose and want us to call you back? Just submit your details below and we’ll call you back within 1 business day.

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