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Flat Face Couplers or Poppet couplers what do you think is better? Both have been around a long time, but the poppet coupler has been around a lot longer, the flat face has inspired a lot of people to copy it as its very durable and clever

So the main differences of the two is a major size difference and the flat face couplers are more expensive.

Size different between female Flat face and poppet (left flat face) (right poppet)
Size difference male (left flat face) (right poppet)

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flat face coupler

They’re both have similar pressures at about about 350 bar (5,000 psi),

The Flat face will flow up to 150 liter’s/min and the Poppet will flow around 80 liter’s/min.


The disadvantage of the poppet style is that you lose up to a tablespoon of oil on every disconnect.

When reconnecting the poppet any dirt that was inside the cavity will be going through the oil and the cylinders.

Another disadvantage of the poppet is you’ve got this cavity and these grooves that can fill up with dirt and moisture.

(Poppet) The cavity in the photo here is from the poppet style as you can see it can old a lot of dirt in the grooves


Flat Face

When disconnecting and connecting they’re dry with about 1/5 of a mill every time

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( Easy to clean Before assembly you can wipe down and you’re ready to go. (click to buy) https://www.hydraulic.online/store/FLAT-FACE-c33829025

 These are quite easy to keep clean and have very little cavities. There are some grooves to attract some dust and dirt but quite easy to clean and wipe before you assemble.

When you attach the flat face you only need a quarter turn and they wont disconnect,

This is our brand and they are manufactured for us. We’ve been selling these for a couple of years now with great success and everyone’s very happy with them.

Our buyers are using the flat face for earth moving with attachments like, buckets, augers, rock breakers and hammers

  When dropping off one attachment and connecting another its easy to connect and disconnect without having to use tools and waste time.

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