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The Core business of Mobile Hose Fixers & Hydraulics is the Repair and Maintenance of High Pressure Systems on Earth Moving Equipment.

The Range of businesses we service include but is not limited to;

  • Plumbing and Drainage, Trenches, Holes and Foundations
  • General Grading and Landscaping
  • Sheet and Pile Driving
  • Screw Piling and Earth Boring and Directional Drilling 
  • Demolition and Rock Breaking
  • Scrapping and Recycling industries for Metal, Concrete, Paper and Glass.
  • River and Channel Dredging and Marine Piling and Salvage.

Some interesting facts about excavators;

  • The smallest of Caterpillar excavator called a mini or compact excavator weighs less than 1 ton and has a 10 KW engine, the largest Caterpillar excavator weights around 980 tons and has a 3400 KW engine.
  • Before 1993 all excavators had counterweight that hung off the rear of the machine to provide more digging force and lifting capacity.  This was a nuisance when working in confined areas.
  •  In 1993 Yanmar launched the world’s first Zero Tail Swing excavator which allowed the counterweight to stay inside the width of the tracks as it slews or rotates.


Earthmoving Projects

General Grading and Landscaping of Subdivisions and new property development

Before Earthmoving  work can begin.

The Land needs to be cleared selectively cleared of trees using specialist arborists  and equipment raging from Chain saws to Hydraulically operated Wood Chippers , Stump Grinders, Excavators and  high pressure water jet cutting. Heavy Equipment such as dozers and scrapers can then move in to shape the land and grade out roads. 

Canal Dredging and Marine Salvage

Did You know that the Gold Coast has 9 times more canals than Venice Italy?

Keeping the Gold Coast’s Waterways clean and safe for navigation and recreation requires specialist contractors with excavators and barges to salvage sunken vessels and sometimes even abandoned cars!

Excavators, Skid Steers, Backhoes and Trenchers

Drainage requires the use of the specialist trenching equipment to cut and dig trenches in order to lay pipes for sewerage and storm water drainage as well as essential services such as Electricity,  Gas and Fiber optic cables for mass communication.


Attachments such as Rock hammers or Rock Breakers convert hydraulic pressure energy into impact kinetic energy, they are used to break up large underground rocks into smaller manageable pieces. Other attachments used on excavators  shape the earth.  Directional drilling is used to tunnel deep under roads and rivers, special pipes and cables are then pushed or Pulled through the drilled hole.

Earth Compactors, Graders and Rollers

Compactors are used to ensure that areas that have been filled in and are to be used for Roads and or footpaths are well compacted. This is to make sure that future settling of the earth is prevented or kept to an absolute minimum. Well compacted earth will prevent movement and cracks from forming. 

Once the earth has been compacted Graders and rollers move in to level and smooth out areas to be covered by Asphalt to make roads, and concrete to form gutters, driveways and footpaths.

House pads

Individual house pads are then finally shaped by smaller Excavators and Skid Steer Loaders such as those manufactured by Bobcat, Caterpillar, Case, Komatsu and Terex, House Pads are shaped, sized, elevated and leveled based on Council approved drawings of the architect’s plans.

Thumbs and Augers

Augers or Earthdrills are used to accurately and cleanly bore deep holes into the earth. These holes can be used for inserting piles or columns and then setting them firmly in the hole by pouring in concrete.  

Once the concrete sets, these piles can be used as house foundations or to support retaining walls made from preformed concrete slabs. Retaining rock walls can also be supported by internal hidden piles and columns. 

 Recent earthmoving related Projects Include

  • Regular breakdown and maintenance work on  excavators between 1.5 and 20 tonnes used on domestic drainage to industrial site demolition projects
  • Dipper Arm Reseal on 20 ton Komatsu Excavator
  • Supply diverter valve and hose distribution system for new tipper installation.
  • Supply and Install 6 port diverter valve to Excavator for addition of tilt hitch. 
  • Case drain system for Sheet Piling Vibro head
  • Plumb up and reseal of tilt hitch
  • Dismantle and rebuild skid steer drive motor
  • New cylinder rods and reseal on 20 tonne Hook bin trucks
  • Dismantle and rebuild multi sectional valve of mobile concrete batching plant
  • Remote control of multifunction hydraulic system for mini compactor used in medium to large drainage works.  

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