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Mobile hose fixers service and product reviews

Jaspal Purchased a 5-meter coil of 3/4" 2 Wire Hydraulic Hose SAE100R2-12 MSHA EUROPEAN MADE 3118 PSI working pressureand wrote "Good to deal with" Jude purchased a Pressure Washing Unloader Valve with a flow 40 Lpm and a pressure of 4050 PSI with 3/8" EndsSaid wrote...

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How 90-degree Hydraulic adaptors work

WRITTEN Aug 30 90 ° Hydraulic Adaptors are important and frequently used components in hydraulics, they are a compact high-pressure fitting designed to change the direction of oil flow and to allow hydraulic hose fittings and pipes to more simply and or easily connect...

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Flat Face couplers Vs Poppet couplers

Flat Face Couplers or Poppet couplers what do you think is better? Both have been around a long time, but the poppet coupler has been around a lot longer, the flat face has inspired a lot of people to copy it as its very durable and clever So the main differences of...

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