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Mobile Hose Fixers & Hydraulics have been involved in the design, installation and repair of high pressure hydraulic systems found all over modern on road and off road vehicles. 


Additional Functions for Mower Attachment. 

A local golf course required additional functions for a new mower attachment.

We added a new single spool valve with power beyond function so that the tractor operator

could control the tilt function that folds up the left and right sides of the mower attachment  

for easy access through narrow gates and or entrances.


These systems include but are not limited to

  • Air brake systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Convertible roofs
  • Fuel injection
  • Power steering
  • Suspension systems
  • Transmission oil cooling
  • Turbo charger lubrication and cooling
  • Wireless remote control systems
  • Power take-off systems for example, fluid tippers and trailers 

Additionally, low voltage (12 and 24 Volt DC) electric powered pump and valve systems can and are also installed and maintained to provide hydraulic power for;

  • Car transporters
  • Compactors
  • Earth tippers 
  • Remote cooling systems for buses
  • Street sweepers
  • Tail gate loaders
  • Tilt trays
  • Tow trucks
  • Walking floors

On-Site Experts & Services

Our Automotive services are predominantly focused on and around the transport Industry, Be it Prime movers, Crane trucks, Tippers, Tilt Trays, Delivery Vehicles and Tow trucks.

Mobile hose fixers and Hydraulics can travel to you and provide On Site, Flow a Pressure Testing of pumps, troubleshoot poor performing hydraulic systems as well as change out parts or manufacture new High pressure hoses.

Repair & Maintenance Services

All of the above mobile machinery and equipment typically use Power Take Off units bolted to the truck’s transmission to generate hydraulic power. 

Most of the common issues with road going mobile machinery are no or low hydraulic power from pumps, poor flow control from valves or oil leaks from Cylinders, Valves and High Pressure Hoses.   

Automotive Services

Recent projects

Astra Convertibles. 

Removal and replacement of deteriorated high pressure hoses on hydraulically operated roof retract System. And mechanical repairs to Roof to Windscreen lock Mechanism. 

Skip Bin Trucks

Complete Hydraulic Installation of Skip Bin Trucks. Cylinder reseals, and Remote Control Systems for greater operator efficiency and safety.


Installation of Tipper Valves, Load Hold and Hose Burst Safety Valves and Telescopic and Multi stage Cylinder reseals.

Associated high pressure Hoses and quick release couplers to truck and dog trailers.

Convertible cars. Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Porsche, Saab. 

Overhaul of high pressure mini Hydraulic Cylinders for roof retract  systems.

PTO (Power Take Off)

Hydraulic Power on Road Going and Mobile plant generally comes from PTO Installations. Power to drive the high pressure pumps comes directly from the internal gears inside the truck’s transmission.

Power Steering

Re-manufacture of OEM Power Steering hoses for most makes and models,  BMW, Chrysler, Honda, Kia, Mercedes Benz, and Toyota. (Customer must remove and refit)


Hydraulic powered heavy duty Winches are essential Equipment for Tilt Trays, Recovery and Delivery vehicles as well as Tow Trucks. 

This winch has a hydraulic drive motor and planetary reduction gearbox, it has a maximum line pull capacity of 15,000 Kg (30,000 pounds). Mobile Hosefixers and Hydraulics can repair, and or replace damaged winches as well as select the perfect winch for your application.

Radio Remote Control Hydraulics

Wireless remote Control Systems for Tow Trucks, Tilt Trays and Low Load Trailers. Remote control systems Improve operator productivity, and safety and will quickly pay for themselves . 

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