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Today’s blog is all about the advantages of using a “STAUFF DIGI” digital pressure gauge when compared to a bunch of analogue or mechanical pressure gauges and why the 0 to 8700 psi (600 bar) STAUFF DIGI Digital Pressure Gauge is Better than using Multiple Analogue Gauges.

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Advantage number one

The main advantage is you only need one gauge, Where as with analogue pressure gauges you need multiple gauges to more accurately read your desired target pressure (if you even know what the desired pressure should or actually is).

Advantage number two

The other very obvious advantage is digital gauges they are easy to read and you can also change the display units and or the way the pressure is displayed.

For example, you may want to see numbers or you may want to see the pressure in the form of a Bar chart, with a digital pressure gauge it is easy to press a couple of buttons and change the reading from PSI (pounds per square inch) to, bar or MPA (megapascals) or even KPa (kilopascals).

Advantage number three

The durability and lifespan of a digital gauge is much longer than that of an analogue gauge, this is because analogue gauges rely on mechanical parts and bent tubes to expand and contract under pressure.

Mechanical parts that expand and contract with pressure may only be reliable for a million cycles or so.

Whereas a digital pressure gauge is good for One Hundred of Million Cycles.

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Advantage Number Four

Having one digital gauge that can measure all the pressure ranges that you may and or will encounter in your day-to-day work will eliminate the possibility of over pressurising by selecting the wrong gauge and damaging a mechanical gauge.

In addition, you will be more efficient and effective at work because you’re not wasting time changing analog gauges because you have realised that the analog pressure gauge that you selected is of the wrong range.

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Digital Pressure Gauges Save Time and are more Efficient

For example, trying to measure 350 PSI with an 8,000 PSI analogue gauge, you just won’t be able to read anything accurately on the dial because the dial will not move very much at such a low pressure.

Advantage number five

Analogue pressure gauges are usually quite sensitive to vibration and shock whereas the “STAUFF DIGI” digital pressure gauge is good for up to 5g of Vibration and up to 25g of shock.

5 g vibration resistance
25 g shock resistance

Advantage number six

Digital pressure gauges can be used in dark and dimly lit environments because the STAUFF DIGI gauge also has an illumination (backlight) function so it is much easier to read in low light conditions without the need of an additional external light source, this is because the light source is built-in to the unit.

Advantage number seven

The Stauff digital pressure gauge even though it’s rated for 600 bar or 8,700 PSI it will safely measure up to 1000 bar 14700 PSI.

It has the capability of measuring even higher without damage in addition it has a minimum burst pressure rating of 2400 bar or 32,000 psi.

Advantage number eight

The “STAUFF DIGI” digital pressure gauge has a maximum and minimum pressure memory, this means that the maximum pressure reached is indicated in a separate read out to the actual real-time pressure.

Current pressure 3301 PSI with Maximum pressure reached 8007 psi

This is an ideal circumstance when testing equipment, as it eliminates guesswork and improves accuracy in reporting result.


Transcript below is from Our YouTube Video https://youtu.be/kmsPFqE9vas

I want to introduce you to one of our best sellers ,it’s the STAUFF DIGI digital pressure test kit ranging from zero to 600 bar or zero to 8700 psi .

STAUFF DIGI 600 bar Digital pressure gauge connected and ready to measure.

I’m here to show you why its our best seller. It comes in a PVC box, it is foam lined, Included in this box is The digital Gauge itself, and a range of adapters that allow you to connect to machinery. It also comes with a quick start guide in multiple languages and also comes complete with a two meter long 630 bar test hose.

Stauff DIGI with Optional Cat Test Port Coupling

Now this test hose is rated to over 630 bar so it’s more than capable of connecting to any piece of equipment that you want. Looking at the gauge itself it is manufactured in Germany by STAUFF.

It has a very easy to use push button design, and when you push the ON/OFF / LIGHT button it starts and goes through a screen test cycle that displays the pressure range as well as serial number.

So what we have here is a gauge that’s currently set to read psi but it can also read bar megapascals and kilopascals, battery range and this is a full range bar so as you get closer and closer to the maximum pressure this bar will increase and it will show you. Also it  has a Built in backlight.

And a full range of adjustability including minimum and maximum recorded pressure so it’ll actually tell you what the maximum pressure was that you read and the minimum pressure that you read (during your most recent use)

It’s very simple to use, it comes with lithium batteries and without having the backlight on it’s good for 1,500 hours of operating time. With the backlights on, we are not so sure how long it’ll last with the backlight on but I’m sure it’ll be substantially less.

Also available is what we call Cat test Coupling to connect to Caterpillar test ports so you can quickly connect to Caterpillar equipment. Caterpillar equipment comes with a male version of this little mini flat face coupler. So let me show you quickly how easy it is to connect to equipment.

Option Test 20 Adaptor and a Male Cat test Port.

We will conduct a pressure test using one of our air over hydraulic pumps, this pump is good for generating up to 10 000 psi.

So we’ll have to be a little bit careful, even though this gauge is rated to read accurately to 8700 psi and it does have a two to one safety factor so you can easily go to sixteen thousand psi it also has a 32,000 psi minimum burst rating so it’s a good strong reliable unit.

As far as repeatability goes this unit it’s good for 100 million cycles so it’s going to last you a long time as long as you look after it.  It has an Ingress protection or IP rating is 67 so it’s moisture resistant, dust resistant, water resistant and be submerged under 1 meter of water for up to 1 hour.

If you look on the back this is the actual unit itself the 600 tells us it’s rated to 600 bar with maximum pressure of 1000 bar. It’s got an alkaline battery sorry no a lithium battery and it’s only a couple of two lithium / alkali but they’re just double A’s (AA)  1.5 volts each and it is made in Germany.

 We have sold tons of these Units and they are a really good value for money. So let’s do a quick test so the first thing we need to do is grab an adapter.

  This adapter will help us first of all to connect to the gauge itself and that’s it, everything is done finger tight you have no need for special tools or wrenches. 

Everything is just done finger tight because it uses O-rings. You connect to equipment and the DIGI gauge using the two-meter long test hose, this is another type of adapter that’s also available it’s a 9/16 in-line adapter, with male JIC 9/16 this end Female 9/16 JIC this end.

Its also available in 7/8 JIC and 3/4 JIC as an adapter so connecting is quick and easy as that.

You don’t need to tighten anything up with tools, when we turn it on the gauge goes through its test cycle and we’ll also turn the backlight on as well so you can see what’s going on, we’ll then pressurize the 50 ton press, you won’t see anything initially.

OK so we’ve got 10 psi of oil pressure going through the hose so you can see the light the light will actually turn off after 20 seconds can you see that so 800 psi pressure will increase quite rapidly so we need to be careful,

2000 psi, 2200 psi

4000 psi, and as you can see we’re almost half of the actual full range of the gauge this is what this top bar graph represents.

We’ve obviously got a slight little bit of leak down through the pump because you can actually see the pressure gauge slowly dropping a couple of psi per second. The resolution of this gauge is that it’ll actually record the pressure three times every second so let’s jump up the pressure.

So 7,000 ps,i as you can see we’re nearly at its maximum pressure looking at the top bar Graph

Even though it’s now dropping from to down to 6,900 it actually tells you what the maximum pressure we actually reached here which was 7,038 psi

 Now we’re at maximum pressure, see this top bar and it says we went to 8,683 psi this is about 35 tons force on the 50 ton press.

When we release the pressure it will drop quite quickly

There’s still residual pressure reading because this is oil still slowly coming out, So now it is practically zero pressure but its actually tells us when we use this valve this pressure gauge it went to 8 683 psi and it’s now back to zero

So that’s our STAUFF DIGI digital pressure test kit made by staff in Germany, we’ve sold lots of them because they are very reliable, very versatile and also really good value for money.

Available with cat test ports and various other connecting adapters.

Adapters in the kit include 1/4 inch BSP, 3/8 BSP, 1/2 inch BSP, a test 20 male /male connector and a 2 meter long 630 bar test hose with female test 20 connectors each end. There’s a full user manual also that comes with the unit as a pdf document which we can email to you for down loading.